Paulina Rubio Heads Into Second Video With Guns Blazing

Dusty clip for 'The One You Love' will likely feature plenty of guns, fighting.

Paulina Rubio is a take charge kind of girl.

The Brothers Strause may have provided the stylistic motorcycle action shots
and Japanese animation for her fast-paced “Don’t Say Goodbye” video, but the
concept for the clip belonged to Rubio.

“I just like to be involved in everything,” she said, then laughed. “I’m
hyperactive, and I write and I sometimes produce and I have ideas for the
cover and all that.”

Rubio will also write the video treatment for her next single, “The One You
Love” (see “Paulina Rubio’s Philosophy Is
’Make Love, Not War’ “
), though a director has not yet been chosen.
The song is sweeping and romantic, but she envisions the video being violent
and dramatic.

“I can imagine this video as a spaghetti western with a lot of action,” she
said. “These guys are all fighting, and they kill with guns, ’Boom, boom.’ I
picture it more sweaty and sepia-toned, like [Quentin] Tarantino saves

She said she likes the idea of contrasting the passionate lyrics with
aggressive visuals because she wants to give the audience something it might
not be expecting. She also wants to prove she doesn’t take herself too

“I think that when you’re putting visual images to the things that you play,
it’s great to have silly ideas. It’s good to have fun and to not be perfect
and to laugh about you a little bit sometimes.”

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