In Stores Now And Coming Soon: New Music From Mario, Lil' Wayne, B2K, Public Enemy & More

If you like being serenaded by young men, then listen up. This is the week for you.

First up in the nubile batch is Mario, the older-lady-killer who sings about his penchant on "Just a Friend" and "What Your Name Is." Next, B2K joins the growing rank of artists cashing in on the remix craze. Their offering to the genre, B2K: The Remixes Vol. 1, finds the boys re-imagining songs such as "Uh Huh" and "Gots Ta Be" and gives fans extra tracks like "Back Up." The last of the group is Cash Money kid Lil' Wayne, whose 500 Degreez hits shelves Tuesday (July 23) as well.

This new crop of teen dreams wouldn't be where they are today without Boyz II Men paving the way. The guys, who are officially on the "men" side of things these days, also have a new album out called Full Circle. See how nicely that works?

Turning our attention away from bare-chested boys for a moment: Look out for new albums from Public Enemy (Revolverlution) Toby Keith (Unleashed) and hall-of-famer Solomon Burke (Don't Give Up on Me) plus a mix offering from the Crystal Method (Community Service).

Out Tuesday, July 23:

  • 32 Frames - 32 Frames (Revelation)

  • Aquanote - The Pearl (Naked Music/ Astralwerks)

  • B2K - B2K: The Remixes Vol. 1 (Epic)

  • Boyz II Men - Full Circle (Arista)

  • Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up on Me (Fat Possum)

     Read: "Dylan, Waits, Costello Help Soul Legend Regain His Throne"

  • Cool Dre - Keep it Real (Zion)

  • Crystal Method - Community Service (Ultra)

  • Deathray - Deathray (Doppler)

  • Deep Side - Deep Side (Spy/ Brunswick)

  • DJ Magic Mike - Bootyz in Motion Vol. 2 (Downlow)

  • DJ Micro - (Moonshine)

  • DJ Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise Vol. 3 (Black Hole)

  • Dog Fashion Disco - Anarchists of Good Taste (Spitfire)

  • Forsaken - Arts of Desolation (Century Media)

  • Fourplay - Heartfelt (Bluebird)

  • Christophe Goze - Show Me the Way (Bar de Lune)

  • Hate - Cain's Way (World War III)

  • Haystak - The Natural (In the Paint/ Koch)

  • J-Zone - Pimps Don't Pay Taxes (Fat Beats/ Razor & Tie)

  • John Butler Trio - Three (ATO)

  • KHM - Game (Number 6)

  • Toby Keith - Unleashed (DreamWorks Nashville)

  • King's Evil - Deletion of Humanoise (Crash)

  • Kotipelto - Waiting for the Dawn (Century Media)

  • Legit Ballaz - Respect of the Game Vol. 3 (AMC)

  • Lil' Wayne - 500 Degreez (Universal)

     Read: "For Lil' Wayne, Bling Bling Still A 'Way Of Life' "

  • Mack 10 - Presents Da Hood (Hoo Bangin)

  • Malevolent Creation - Envenomed II (Artic/ Crash)

  • Mario - Mario (J)

     Read: "Mario Loves Older Women, Gets Help Talking To Them From Biz Markie"

     Buy Now: Mario (J)

  • Micro - Music Through Me (Moonshine)

  • Midwest Product - Specifics (Ghostly Int'l)

  • Mr. Keal - Opposite of Hate (AMC)

  • Murder Squad - Unsane, Insane & Mentally Deranged (Crash)

  • Joe Nichols - Man with a Memory (Universal South)

  • Mark Olson & the Creekdippers - December's Child (DualTone)

  • Opeth - Blackwater Park (Koch)

  • Shuggie Otis - In Session: Great Rhythm & Blues (Cleopatra)

  • Jimmy Page - Bury the Axe (Dressed to Kill)

  • Stephen Pearcy - Social Intercourse (Triple X)

  • Places to Park - Better Sights Were Set (Volcom)

  • Planet X - Moon Babies (Inside Out)

  • Public Enemy - Revolverlution (Slam Jamz/ Koch)

     Read: "Public

    Enemy Leading A Revolverlution With Interactive LP"

  • Rakoth - Planeshift (Earache)

  • RJD2 - Dead Ringer (Def Jux)

  • Safety in Numbers - Build & Structure (Triple Crown)

  • Scion - Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tricks (EFA-CAR)

  • Skirts - Smashing the Sky (Blackliner)

  • Stranglers - Early Years: Rare & Unreleased (Castle America)

  • Subterranean Source - Vivid Circles (Release)

  • Thirstin Howl III - Skilligan's Island (Landspeed)

  • John Travolta - Saturday Night Fiction (Dressed to Kill)

  • Trust Company - The Lonely Position of Neutral (Geffen)

     Read: "Trust Company's Debut Video Blows"

  • Unknown Ghosts - Transfer at Dub (Invisible)

  • Uriah Heep - Lansdowne Tapes (Castle America)

  • Various artists - Abstract Sessions (Thump)

  • Various artists - Backstock: Compiled and Mixed by John Tejada (Urabon)

  • Various artists - BPM Magazine Presents: That Club Mix (Moonshine)

  • Various artists – "The Country Bears" soundtrack (Walt Disney)

     Read: "Country Jamboree Movie: 'Almost Famous,' But With Bears"

  • Various artists - Dance Alliance (Dance Alliance)

  • Various artists - Dance Hits USA (Radikal)

  • Various artists - Don't Be Scared Vol. 2 (Fearless)

  • Various artists - Earth and Bass (Triloka)

  • Various artists – "Eight Legged Freaks" soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande)

  • Various artists - Essential Rave (Big Eye)

  • Various artists - Faith No More: Tribute of the Year (Underground Inc.)

  • Various artists - Fat Beats Vol. 2 (Fat Beats)

  • Various artists - Feed Your Ears (Fueled by Ramen)

  • Various artists – "Frontier House" soundtrack (Pacific Time)

  • Various artists - How We Rock (Burning Heart/ Epitaph)

  • Various artists - In the Pocket: A Taste of Blues Harmonica (Telarc)

  • Various artists – "The Master of Disguise" soundtrack (Music World/ Sony Soundtrax)

  • Various artists – "Monsoon Wedding" score (Milan)

  • Various artists - Monsta Jamz (Razor & Tie)

  • Various artists - Plastic Vol. 6 (Nettwerk America)

  • Various artists - Radikal Techno Vol. 6 (Radikal)

  • Various artists – "Reign of Fire" soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande)

  • Various artists - Sonar 2002 (Milan)

  • Various artists – "Son's Room" soundtrack (Pacific Time)

  • Various artists - String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd (Vitamin)

  • Various artists - String Quartet Tribute to the Who's Tommy (Vitamin)

  • Various artists - Touch Tones (Tummy Touch)

  • Various artists - Trance Essentials Vol. 1 (UBL)

  • Various artists - Tribute to Garbage (Big Eye)

  • Various artists - Tribute to Linkin Park (Big Eye)

  • Various artists - Tribute to Slayer: Post Mortem (Dwell)

  • Various artists – "Wendigo" soundtrack (Pacific Time)

  • Voodou - Blessing of Curses (Underground Inc.)

  • Waifs - Sink or Swim (ATO)

  • Joe Louis Walker - In the Morning (Telarc)

  • Without Face - Astronomicon (Earache)

  • John Zorn - Filmworks XI: Under the Wing (Tzadik)

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