Hole Get Corgan, Jermaine Dupri Goes Solo, Beastie Boys Talk Whales: This Week In 1998

Hole were in the midst of recording their Celebrity Skin album this week in 1998. MTV News caught up with the group's always-entertaining frontwoman Courtney Love to see how it was going.

"It's in that sort of [California] tradition of [Fleetwood Mac's] Rumours and X and the Doors and the Beach Boys, and I want to go into that tradition," Love explained. "And if you write about California you don't have to write about Seattle."

Smashing Pumpkins frontman (and an ex-boyfriend of Love) Billy Corgan came in during the studio sessions to lend a helping hand.

"I knew they were having a hard time," Corgan said, "so I kind of came up with the notion of, well why don't you just give me a month with them and let me see if I can kick them in the ass, so to speak, and just kind of get the whole record going."

"I couldn't have made this record if he hadn't have got me off my ass," Love said, "because Eric [Erlandson] and Melissa [Auf Der Maur] couldn't, and I was tired and I was shopping at the Gap and I didn't know what I was anymore.

"It was a kind of dynamic that I had never experienced with him," she continued. "I had to be submissive to his whims and it made my head bleed, but I learned a lot. He's kind of like a math teacher that wouldn't give me the answer, so that was the torture of it."

Jermaine Dupri, the producer who made you wanna jump and just made you wanna, launched his solo career back in July of 1998 with the release of his album Life in 1472.

" 'J' is the 10th letter of the alphabet. 'D' is the fourth letter of the alphabet, so JD is 14 and '72 was the year that I was born," Dupri said of the LP's title.

The album included a who's who of hip-hop and R&B, including Usher, Da Brat, Mariah Carey, Snoop, DMX, Nas and Jay-Z. Old-school hip-hop was represented as well, in playa pioneer Slick Rick.

"He was always my idol as far as like just [being] fresh," Dupri explained. "He's like that definition of fresh — it would be Slick Rick to me and that's basically what it was. I just reached out and grabbed as many friends and people that I've worked with."

By 1998 the Beastie Boys had clearly mastered their music, but they had yet to master the art of the straight answer in talking about it: like where did all the samples on their new release Hello Nasty come from?

"There was one point when we were in the submarine crossing the Atlantic, we had a recording studio in the submarine and there was a flock of whales that actually came by and they were huge whales," MCA said. "I'd have to say they were the biggest whales in the world and Adam [Ad-Rock] went out in the scuba gear with the boom mic and actually caught some of the whales mating."

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