'Black' Slays Dragons, 'Perdition' While Busta Smokes 'Croc'

Sci-fi sequel stays on top for a second week.

Despite healthy competition from four new pictures hunting after the top spot over the weekend, the Will Smith/ Tommy Lee Jones-led "Men in Black II" held on to #1 for a second week ([article id="1455439"]Click for photos[/article] from the movie).

The sci-fi comedy sequel raked in $25 million to land on top, according to box office estimates. If that number seems pale in comparison to the flick's $54.1 million opening weekend (see [article id="1455971"]"Will Smith #1, Bow Wow #3 At Box Office"[/article]), it's worth noting that the boys of "the MIB" didn't have four new movies to fight with last week (see [article id="1456072"]"Hunt Is On: 'Reign,' 'Croc,' 'Halloween' And 'Perdition' Pursue Box Office Bounty"[/article]).

"Road to Perdition," a stylish 1930s crime picture based on a graphic novel, enjoyed a $22.1 million debut. Boasting the Academy Award-winning star power of Tom Hanks and Paul Newman, "Road to Perdition" was the closest competition to "MIB" and came in at #2.

Another new flick, "Reign of Fire," was right behind "Perdition" at #3. The post-apocalyptic dragon-slayer movie (see [article id="1455942"]"Summer Film Season Heats Up With Studs, Fire-Breathing Dragons"[/article]) took in an estimated $16 million, $3.7 million more than the weekend's #4 movie, "Halloween: Resurrection." With an ensemble cast that includes rapper Busta Rhymes (see [article id="1455149"]"Busta Rhymes 'Flabbergasted' By 'Halloween: Resurrection' "[/article]), the eighth chapter in the "Halloween" series fared far better than "Jason X," a similarly themed horror franchise installment that opened with $6.7 million a few months ago (see [article id="1453655"]"The Rock Cooks Box Office Competition"[/article]). The weekend's other new flick, "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course," opened with a respectable $10 million, making it the weekend's #6 movie.

The rest of the top 10 includes Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds" at #5 with $11 million, for an overall total of $94 million in three weeks ([article id="1455484"]Click for photos[/article] from the movie); Bow Wow's "Like Mike" (see [article id="1455427"]"Can Bow Wow Match Basketball's Top Dog At The Box Office?"[/article]) at #7 with $7.62 million ([article id="1455431"]Click for photos[/article] from the movie); Disney's "Lilo & Stitch" at #8 with $7.6 million for an overall take of $118 million in four weeks of release; Tom Cruise's "Minority Report" (see [article id="1455334"]" 'Minority Report' Is No 'Jetsons,' Spielberg Says"[/article]) at #9 with $7.4 million for an overall take of $100.3 million in four weeks of release; and Matt Damon's "The Bourne Identity" (see [article id="1455066"]"Will Matt Damon's 'Bourne' Be The Next Bond?"[/article]) at #10 with $5.8 million for an overall take of $99 million in five weeks.