P. Diddy In Director's Chair For Foxy Brown's Ill Na Na 2

Bad Boy CEO co-executive producing female rapper's next LP.

P. Diddy may not have been able to lure Foxy Brown away from Def Jam to Bad

Boy, but he's making sure his influence is heard throughout her next LP,

Ill Na Na 2: The Fever.

He's co-executive producing the project (see "P. Diddy Weighs Bad Boy Distribution Deal, Eyes Foxy

Brown") along with the feisty siren's brothers, Gavin and Anton


"Yeah, we working on that," P.D. said recently. "I think you can see by the

albums that I've executive produced over time that I bring a movie on wax. I

try to see myself as [Steven] Spielberg. I'm gonna make a big, big movie.

I'm gonna make you be able to see it from beginning to end. I'm gonna

transform the whole situation and get it where it needs to be."

According to Anton, his sister has gotten beats from a string of

up-and-coming producers, Gavin, the Trackmasters and Ski, who did a chunk of

Jay-Z's early hits. Foxy is also in the process of mapping out a video for

"Stylin'," and Def Jam said her LP is due sometime this fall.