Jerry Cantrell, Sevendust Swallow Their Beef

In wake of the stinging expletives uttered at one another at Canada's Edgefest, the guys have made nice.

Fans of rock beefs probably giggled with glee when Sevendust and Jerry Cantrell exchanged bitter insults onstage at Edgefest in Barrie, Ontario, July 2.

But in the wake of the stinging expletives uttered at one another (see "Sevendust/ Jerry Cantrell Beef Casts Pall Over Canada's Edgefest"), the two acts have made nice, according to a Sevendust spokesperson, who described the incident as a "misunderstanding" and added that Sevendust are and have always been fans of Cantrell and his former band Alice in Chains.

The "misunderstanding" stemmed from problems Sevendust had after leaving La Crosse, Wisconsin, en route to Ontario for the concert. Ten minutes into the ride the band's bus broke down, so Sevendust hitched up with the crew bus. When they finally reached the Canadian border, they were held up for two hours while officers searched their bus and rifled through their paperwork.

Since they were delayed, Cantrell had to switch slots with them, and his set was riddled with technical problems. At the end of the shortened show, Cantrell threw down his guitar and made a disparaging comment about Sevendust.

When Sevendust took the stage, vocalist Lajon Witherspoon replied, "When Jerry Cantrell says f--- Sevendust, I say f--- you, Jerry Cantrell. I hope you heard me, Jerry Cantrell."

Apologies were later issued. "Jerry was just angry about the technical difficulties," Sevendust's spokesperson said.

Sevendust's new single, "Crucified," has just been added to radio, though no video has been shot.