Whitney Houston 'Back To Goose-Bump Time' On New LP

Singer lashes out at detractors on song leaked to radio.

Aside from the ice grill she gives the camera in Murder Inc.'s "Down 4 U" video, Whitney Houston — the woman whom Irv Gotti calls the quintessential "down ass chick" — is giving people those old familiar chills, according to one of her collaborators.

"She's singing better than I've heard her sing in years," boasted Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds over the weekend at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. "Her voice is in tip-top shape and it's back to goose-bump time. When she's in the studio, I'm really excited about how she's going at it. She's going at it hard. She's very focused.

"There are some classic Whitney things and some things that have a pop flavor as well," added 'Face, who's writing and producing for the project. "The main thing I can say about her is that she is singing her butt off right now."

Irv Gotti, Rodney Jerkins, Platinum Status (IMX) and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have all come forth in the past several months and said that they, too, were producing on the album (see "Between Toilet Pranks, IMX Produce Music For Solange, Whitney, Mya," and "Jam And Lewis To Hit The Studio With TLC, Mariah, Whitney Houston"). Tweet has also said she's written a song for the LP.

Houston's spokesperson at Arista Records, who was unavailable for comment on Wednesday, previously divulged that the singer's next album should be out this fall (see "For The Record: Quick News On Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston ...").

Exactly what music makes the cut has yet to be seen, though Houston does have obvious favoritism toward one of the album's contributors: her husband, Bobby Brown.

Tuesday afternoon on New York radio station WBLS, on-air personality Wendy Williams played "Whatcha Lookin' At," a track Williams said Brown produced. A voice similar to his can also be heard singing some background parts and adlibbing.

"My following is real strong/ You got the heart to show the world what I do/ Now I'm turnin' the cameras back on you/ Same spotlights, the ones who gave me fame/ Tryin' to dirty up Whitney's name," Houston scoffs on the track.

She then laments about people who've been "messing with [her] reputation" and "concentration" and don't "even have no education" on the chorus, singing, "I feel your eyes on me/ You been telling lies on me."