Eve Discusses Her Eve-olution Into An Actress

Rapper will appear in "XXX," release third album in August.

Shoot another flick or tour? What's a girl to do?

If Eve has her way, she'll put off hitting the road this fall in favor of

acting in her third film in about a year. She's becoming addicted.

"Movies are grueling work, and I loved it," she said recently about working

on "XXX," which opens August 9, and "Barbershop," which is due in September.

"It's another form of expression, but I did miss my music. It kind of helped

me just have that passion for my music again."

Eve hopes to show just how much of a muse Hollywood was for her on

Eve-olution, due August 27.

"I think you can expect a great album," said Eve, whose first

Eve-olution single is "Gangsta Lovin' " with Alicia Keys. "I had a

lot of fun doing this album. There's a growth. I had total control.

Hopefully people will love it."

The blonde-again Philly rapstress, who recorded songs with her Ruff Rydin'

music siblings Jadakiss and Styles as well as Truth Hurts, wasn't surprised

how intoxicating it was to work with Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg on the LP.

She's familiar with how the rap OGs get inspired.

"I did get in the studio with Snoop and Nate Dogg," she started to say,

holding back a smile. "What an adventure. That's an experience. We all know

what Snoop loves to do, and pretty much my A&R [rep] and my manager were

asleep because the room was so cloudy. It was a struggle, it was thick, but

it helped the song. It was good atmosphere for the song.

"This was my second time working with Snoop. It was the same experience [as

before]," she added. "It was cloudy again. I love Snoop. I think Snoop is

super talented. Working with established artists brings the best out of me."

Besides being seen in her first flick and heard on her third solo album, Eve

will also introduce her new clothing line, Fetish, in August. She said she's

turned down fashion deals in the past, but when her the Iceberg clothing

company came to the table, she couldn't refuse.

"I love clothes and fashion," explained Eve, who describes her line as urban

elegant. "So I said, 'Why not?' "