Fabolous Assists Diddy With His Wardrobe, Shoots Clip For 'Trade It All'

Remix track to appear on 'Barbershop' soundtrack.

With his own clothing line, Sean John, you wouldn't think P. Diddy needs any assistance with getting the right flavoring for his wardrobe. Not so, says Fabolous. When Diddy needs the hook-up with the hot throwbacks, Fab says he can be a valuable connection.

"Yeah, yeah we've been getting at him a little bit," laughed Fab, who recently teamed with Diddy for the remix to "Trade It All," which also features Jagged Edge. "I know Puff respects me on the throwback tip, he let me know that. I try to get him something. I try to show Puff the way, too. 'Cause man, he's good peoples and he would do the same for me."

Fab had a chance to display the latest in his arsenal of jerseys (see "Jay-Z, Nelly, Fabolous Seek Uniforms That Don't Conform") when he and P.D. shot the video for the song last week in Los Angeles. The clip pretty much follows the concept of the song, though it also incorporates parties in a mansion and on a beach.

"I did the throwback Rams," he explained. "They got a new Rams out. It's blue and yellow, its actually Joe Namath, he played on the L.A. Rams in 1977. I got [Stephon] Marbury with an old-school [Phoenix] Suns jersey. I got the throwback Kobe [Bryant]. It's an L.A. [Lakers] joint but it's the blue one. Kobe actually came down to the video shoot and he peeped the jersey and was like, 'Damn man, I can't even get this one. Where did you get this?' And I had to tell him I got a few connections and if he needs this jersey I'd get him his own jersey."

In his song, which will appear on the soundtrack to "Barbershop" (the original version is a track on his debut, Ghetto Fabolous), Fab rhymes about trading everything — jerseys and all — for the love of his life.

"We wanted to do it real fresh and bring the tempo of it up," he said of how the collabo with Diddy came about. "So we did a remix. Puff was doing a lot of those 'I Need a Girl' records and so we was like, 'Maybe we should put Puff on it man, I think that'd be hot.' So we hollered at him. He was with it. He wanted to do a track with me anyway so this would be a good way to set it off. So we just went in there, we laid it and it came out on fire."

F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S. is also pleased with the outcome of his teaming with Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri on "Basketball." He said working with the 15-year-old was a way of touching his younger demographic of fans.

"Bow Wow's a cool dude," he said. "He's very young and it's good that he's got his head on his shoulders at such a young age. That joint I did right there is more like for the kids. I'm not really looking for the older crowd to pick up on that. I have a young fanbase also, so it's good to throw them back something."

Fab expects his next album, Street Dreams, to drop in October. He's already recorded two tracks for the album with producers Rick Rock and Mr. Fingers and is hoping to secure beats from Dr. Dre, Diddy, Megahertz and Kanye West. When he's not in the studio, the Brooklyn rapper is trying to get in touch with his fans. He just started the Fabolous fan club with his sister because he said people had no way of getting up with him. It's only right: After all, he did have a song that encouraged people to "holla back."