Aerosmith's 'Girls Of Summer' Video Packed With ... You Know

Hundreds of female models appear in clip for first single from O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits.

There's no Alicia Silverstone, but Aerosmith's video for "Girls of Summer"

will have all the other fixin's of their classic clips, plus more than 200

female models.

The multiple MTV Video Music Award winners shot the video earlier this month

on South Beach in Miami with director David Meyers (Missy Elliott, Pink).

"We decided on somewhere where we could get a lot of flesh, a lot of skin,"

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler said recently of the shoot.

The clip follows three girls as they adventure through the city known for

its wild parties. Although past Aerosmith videos have featured Silverstone,

Tyler's famous daughter Liv and actor Edward Furlong, none of the characters

are played by well-known thespians.

"They're hotties, and guys are always trying to [hit on] them," Tyler said.

"At the beginning [the main character] takes a Polaroid of a guy that she

spent the night with and shows it to the rest of them. She runs downstairs,

they jump in a car and they go downtown. They park and they walk across the

street, and a car full of guys almost runs them over. They think that's

funny and yell, 'Hey baby show me your ...' And she goes down and kisses the

hood, and then she rips the ornament off and throws it at him. It's a lot of

good stuff."

Like past Aerosmith videos, this one has a surprise ending, though Tyler

wouldn't reveal the entire story line.

"Girls of Summer," which is already getting airplay at radio, is one of two

new tracks on O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, a double-disc best-of

compilation due July 2 (see "Aerosmith

Talk 'Girls Of Summer,' Hits Disc, DVD Reissues").

Aerosmith recorded the summer anthem and four other songs in Maui earlier

this year. "[Guitarist] Joe [Perry] was in rare form," Tyler said of the

sessions. "Plus, you're in Maui. What can go wrong, right? It was


The legendary Boston rockers will promote the album on the Girls of Summer

Tour with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C. It kicks off August 13 in Holmdel, New

Jersey (see "Aerosmith/Kid Rock/Run-D.M.C.

Tour Schedule Walks Your Way").