Public Enemy Make Noise With Anthrax, Chili Peppers Haunted, C&C Music Factory Go Hmmm: This Week In 1991

The speed metal band Anthrax had just released their Attack of the Killer B's album, which includes the group's version of Public Enemy's rap classic "Bring the Noise" (with a guest shot from PE themselves). The two groups got together to shoot a video for the track in Chicago, where Anthrax had stopped off on the Clash of the Titans Tour (which also featured Megadeth, Slayer and opener Alice in Chains). MTV News dropped by the video set to see how this bridging of the rap/thrash gap was going.

Anthrax's Scott Ian: I just had an idea in my head for a long time to do something with Public Enemy. They're my favorite band. I just figured that if we came up with our own music, Anthrax music, and then used Chuck's rhymes over it, it could be the best of both worlds.

Chuck D: Everything is rock, and rap is more rock and roll than a lot of music that considers itself rock and roll. This is actually a group that dared to bring something that was always looked upon as being a small type of thing and just saying, "Yo, I'ma bring it to our audience whether they like it or not."

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were at work on their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik this week in 1991. For their follow-up to 1989's Mother's Milk, the band recorded in an old Los Angeles house — which the guys insisted was haunted.

John Frusciante, guitarist: This is our wonderful, wonderful place where we've been living recording beautiful music that makes me very, very, very happy.

Flea, bassist: We had these psychics that came up here and at one point they said that they saw a lady in black walking in the back and that she was a ghost.

Anthony Kiedis, singer: Now we've got Chad, John, Flea and Anthony in the band for the same two records in a row and we're really sort of solidified together a solid unit.

Flea: Behind my back I have all the secrets we've been using to make this great record. I've got here multi-vitamins, my producer Rick Rubin, "Raging Bull" Robert De Niro, my little friend (holds up a Barbie doll). I love her.

Frusciante: Instead of getting the high-tech 98-track board, we have this old funky stuff that probably Frank Sinatra recorded on or something and it just sounds better.

Kiedis: The songs, we could never describe what they sound like. Some of them sound like getting an alien wrapped around your face. Some of them sound like the Marx Brothers having an orgy with Ziegfield Follies girls.

Dance music act C&C Music Factory were about to hit the road on the Club MTV Tour. MTV News crossed paths with the group's Freedom Williams, Zelma Davis, David Cole (who died in 1995 of complications resulting from spinal meningitis) and Robert Clivilles while they were shooting the video for "Things That Make You Go Hmmm."

David Cole: The song title was inspired by "The Arsenio Hall Show."

Robert Clivilles: One day we were watching Arsenio, this was when he first started. We're watching him, he always came up with these things that makes you go "hmm" and I thought it was pretty funny. There's three or four individual stories. They're all funny. They're all about love relationships and hopefully we'll make America laugh.

And hopefully make you go "hmmm."

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