Big Tymers' Baby Keeps Busy With Foxy Brown, Cam'ron Remixes

Rapper also working on double album solo debut called The Birdman.

Cash Money Records co-CEO Brian "Baby" Williams rides with dashboards made

of "swine" and sits on "alligator seats with the head in the inside" when

he's rolling in one of his hot wheels around New Orleans.

But hip-hop's #1 stunna has had to do without the luxuries of his toys for a

good portion of the past few months. "The Birdman" has been flying.

"I damn near live there," he said recently of New York. "I 'm always out


It hasn't been all about stunning up in clubs like Cheetah and Lot 61 while

Baby's been visiting NYC. He and a few of his Cash Money cohorts have been

putting in work on remixes for Foxy Brown and Cam'ron.

"She wasn't there," he said about recording his verse for Brown's "Stylin',"

which also features her brother Gavin, Loon and Noreaga. "They just called

for me, and I just ran over and did the muthaf---er. [The chorus' references

to Burberry] was right up my alley."

He was also a fan of Cam's "Oh Boy" and had no problem jumping on that

song's reworking. "He reached for me, and I was gonna reach for him anyway

for my solo album," he explained. "We switched it from 'Oh Boy' to 'Oh

Girl.' That was his idea — that was all Cam. TQ is singing the hook. I

was already on that 'Oh Boy' sh-- anyway. I like that a lot. I just flipped

it and done me."

Baby also appears on a remix of the Clipse's "Grindin' " with Noreaga and

Lil' Wayne. "I like the Clipse," Baby said. "Them n---as can rap they ass

off, and with Pharrell [Williams'] music they gonna be all right. I like

that beat. When I first saw the video, I said them cats gonna blow up. They

talk that sh-- I like to hear, that ghetto sh--. I'm shining on the remix. A

little hustling, but I'm more shining. I keep it basic, dog."

On Baby's upcoming double album solo debut, The Birdman, he followed

one of the basic practices of American society: calling on people to return


"When I do something for a muthafu--er, I don't want no money, 'cause you

never know when you might need that hand," he explained. "I'm doing my thing

now, 'Holla back homey, I need some love.' I been reaching for people.

Everybody's been trying to give me a beat or do a verse. Me and Puffy doing

one together right now. I did one on his [upcoming] album. I'm supposed to

be getting a beat from Pharrell with the Clipse on there. Me and Nelly are

talking about doing one."

Others pledging to spit game alongside Baby include Cam and Foxy, 8Ball, Too

Short and of course the Cash Money Clique. Swizz Beatz and Jazzy Pha have

already contributed two tracks apiece, but as with all CMC releases, Mannie

Fresh, who Baby said is going to ultimately decide the album's first single,

is handling the bulk of the board work.

Baby and Fresh, the Big Tymers, start a club tour of the West Coast on June

25 with labelmate Mack 10.