Incubus Shoot 'Best Video To Date,' And You May Never See It

Risqué clip for 'Are You In?' might be too much for American

IRVINE, California — Die-hard Incubus fans may want to start

packing for Europe.

"We would like to announce that we've accomplished our best video to date,

but it probably won't come out in America," singer Brandon Boyd said. "It's

a little too risqué, but right now it's rocking in Europe. The

Italians are eating it up like good pasta."

The clip, for "Are You In?," certainly sounds saucy (pun intended).

"There is some ass-shaking and whatnot. It's very out of character for us,

which is why it was so fun," Boyd said, hanging out with guitarist Mike

Einziger backstage at Saturday's KROQ Weenie Roast (see "System, Papa Roach Rage On Weenie Roast Stage While Jack

Osbourne Holds Court") (Click here for photos.) "It looks like a Jay-Z video if you put our

faces in there. It's a swingers party going on in like a casino and an

abandoned Italian restaurant."

"There are a lot of really beautiful girls wearing underwear," added

Einziger. "It's really nice."

Incubus aren't sure if they'll release "Are You In?" in the States, as

"Warning," their third single from Morning View, is still climbing

the charts. They are positive about one thing, though — they won't be

releasing an acoustic EP to complement the album like they did for 1999's

Make Yourself.

"We kind of had a seamless transition from our last record to our newest

record, and we think maybe that this time around we should disappear for a

little while," Einziger said.

Added Boyd: "I think we're all getting sick of ourselves, so we need to run

away, but we'll run away together 'cause we can't stay away from each other.

Probably go and hang out in some place tropical, hopefully."

First though, the band will complete the Civic Tour, scheduled to wrap July

4 in Dallas (see "Incubus To Perform

'Civic' Duty On The Road"), and then finish supporting Morning

View with another long outing that could keep Incubus on the road until

the end of the year.

If any spare time opens up, Einziger has an idea of how to spend it.

"I want to do all the dancing and choreography on Kelly [Osbourne]'s new

record — all of it, from start to finish, in one take, actually," joked

the guitarist, who worked with Ozzy's daughter on her "Papa Don't Preach"

demo (see "Kelly Osbourne Collaborating

With Incubus Members On 'Papa Don't Preach' Cover").

"I would have done the choreography for [her MTV Movie Awards performance],

but they found someone before she knew I wanted to be involved in the

choreography, 'cause she really didn't know about my background and history

in the field of choreography. I think she hired Darrin, from 'Darrin's Dance

Grooves.' But I taught him everything he knows, so it's OK."