Slipknot Members Will Unmask For New Video

#4 and #8 reveal themselves in clip for Stone Sour.

As with Gwar and early Kiss, much of Slipknot's mystique has to do with the masks that keep the bandmembers' true identities as secret as those of superheroes.

That's soon to change.

At the end of the month, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor and rhythm guitarist Jim Root will slip off their masks for a video shoot for "Get Inside," the first single from their side project, Stone Sour.

While the event may not be as momentous as when Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley doffed their makeup in 1983, it will be the first time any members of Slipknot will be seen in performance without their masks since the band formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995.

The video will be shot onstage on June 26 at the Los Angeles club Whisky A Go-Go. Some time after "Get Inside" is filmed, the band will shoot a video for "Bother," which will be different from the version released on the "Spider-Man" soundtrack, Taylor's publicist said. Both songs will appear on Stone Sour's yet-untitled album, which is tentatively scheduled for release on September 10.

Before Taylor and Root joined Slipknot, they played maskless in Stone Sour with guitarist Bruce Swink, bassist Shawn E and drummer Joel Ekman. Last year, the band reunited under the name Superego. In May, they changed their name to Closure before settling once again on Stone Sour (see Slipknot's Corey, Joey Ready Side Projects").

The track list from Stone Sour's debut in no particular order, according to Roadrunner Records:

  • "Get Inside"

  • "Orchids"

  • "Blotter"

  • "Choose"

  • "Monolith"

  • "Inhale"

  • "Take a Number"

  • "Bother"

  • "Inside the Cynic"

  • "Cold Reader"

  • "Blue Study"

  • "Idle Hands"

  • "Tumult"

  • "Omega"