Osbournes Wreak Havoc On Japan In Budokan DVD Extras

Live album, home video due June 25.

Even if he doesn't ever say, "This is the first song off our new album" in

concert, believe it or not, Ozzy Osbourne still has something in common with

Robin Zander.

Like Zander's Cheap Trick before him, Osbourne recorded his performance at

Tokyo's Budokan Arena and will title the resulting live LP Live at the

Budokan (though Cheap Trick's legendary 1979 release was titled Live

at Budokan, for those scoring at home). The 13-track album, boosted with

bonus CD-ROM video footage, is due June 25, according to Osbourne's

HREF="http://www.ozzy.com" TARGET="_blank">Web site.

A home video, issued on both VHS and DVD formats, will coincide with the

album's release. In addition to all the tracks found on the LP, the home

video also includes a rendition of "Suicide Solution," and the DVD edition

features the concert in its entirety as well as a 30-minute montage of the

Osbournes cavorting around Japan — presumably hilarious given that the

family's escapades in their own home can prompt fits of hysteria.

The show, which took place February 15 (see "Ozzy Osbourne To Record Live Album, DVD At Budokan"),

gave fans a thorough cross section of Osbourne's 22-year career, from the

Sabbath classic "Paranoid" through his breakthrough solo single, "Crazy

Train," and up to "Believer," from his latest solo foray, October's Down

to Earth.

Backing Osbourne in concert was the same band that performed with him on

Ozzfest 2002: bassist Robert Trujillo, drummer Michael Bordin and guitarist

Zakk Wylde, who succumbed to exhaustion at the tail end of the European

Ozzfest last week, causing six dates to be canceled (see "European Ozzfest Cut Short By Departure Of Ozzy's Guitarist").

Live at the Budokan track listing, according to Epic Records:

  • "I Don't Know"

  • "That I Never Had"

  • "Believer"

  • "Junkie"

  • "Mr. Crowley"

  • "Gets Me Through"

  • "No More Tears"

  • "I Don't Want to Change the World"

  • "Road to Nowhere"

  • "Crazy Train"

  • "Mama, I'm Coming Home"

  • "Bark at the Moon"

  • "Paranoid"