Ms. Jade's 'Big Head' Is Meant To Move Your Big Butt

Single's about getting people on the dance floor, not getting at 'em on the playground.

"You've got a biiiiig head."

It's the first insult many people dish out during their childhood — the

perfect slur for kindergarteners. You don't have to put too much thought

into the verbal jab, and no matter what size dome your adversary has, it

always seems to hit 'em where it hurts.

Twenty-two-year-old Ms. Jade says she means no harm in her new song "Big

Head." The Philadelphia rapper, whose Girl Interrupted is due in

June, just wanted to provoke people to move something.

"It's nothing in particular when I say, 'Get your big head on the floor,' "

Jade explained. "I use it for guys I see in the club who are too thugged to

dance or girls that are too prissy to dance, like, 'Get your big head on the

floor.' There might be that one song to make you get up, and I want ['Big

Head'] to be that song."

Produced by Timbaland, the cut features Jade rapping seductively, using a

rhyme pattern that repeats the last word of many lines. "Interrupted girl,

girl/ Representing for the world, world/ ... Make you feel free, free/ We

ain't even in the same league, league," she says until the chorus kicks in:

"Get your big head on the floor/ You ain't never seen me groove like this."

"When I first heard the beat, it was so sick," she said of the Timbaland

track that has a feel of funk and country mixed in Arabic stylings.

"Everybody was in the studio half-asleep. When they heard the beat, people

started nodding their heads and kicking their feet. That's how we knew it

could be the single. The beat is so groovy it made me want to do something

different, just trying to freak the beat out a little bit."

Jade, who's been out on the road performing at various shows with artists

like Nelly and Ludacris, recently shot a clip for "Big Head" with director

Chris Robinson.

"It's a little girl that morphs into me," Jade said of the first video she's

starred in. "And some of the heads get big — probably three of the

heads get big. It's basically a performance-type thing. You see me dancing

and fun, bubbly, girly backgrounds. Then when you get to the end of the

song, it's this song called 'Champion' — that's where I get gutter and

take it back to the 'hood.

" 'Champion' is basically me telling people why I think I'm the champ," she

said. "You know how Muhammad Ali came out telling people why he thinks he's

the champ, 'I'm so pretty,' I'm coming out like that. I just started, but I

know I'm the champion. I've been through so much I gotta be the champion.

Everybody else can be a champion too. Whatever you do, you could be a


The video for "Big Head" should be out within the next two weeks, Jade said,

and features guest spots by Timbaland and Bubba Sparxxx.