Kelly Osbourne Tight-Lipped About Forthcoming Debut Album

'Osbournes' starlet to record in New York in July and August.

LOS ANGELES — Performing at Saturday's taping of the MTV Movie

Awards was "one of the worst feelings ever" for Kelly Osbourne, but stage

fright won't slow down her burgeoning music career.

The pink-haired, 17-year-old starlet of "The Osbournes" revealed backstage

after her live singing debut (see " 'Lord

Of The Rings,' Nicole Kidman On Top At MTV Movie Awards") that she is

scheduled to spend July and August in a New York studio recording a

full-length album.

Ozzy's daughter said she'll work with producer Rick Wake, whose

résumé includes music by Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and

Celine Dion, but she offered few other details.

"I can not divulge my secrets," Osbourne said seductively, before changing

tones. "Actually, it's because I have no idea."

Come on, Kelly, you have to have some idea.

"What do you want to hear? I'm doing a duet with Britney, with Mandy Moore

and with Alice Cooper."

We'd love to hear that, if only it were true.

Osbourne also shot down the chance of recording with her co-host for the

Movie Awards pre-show, Ja Rule. "I'm not down with that whole rap thing,"

she said. "I don't know how to rap."

Kelly's album will not be released until late this year or early next, but

fans can snag her cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" on The Osbourne

Family Album, due June 11 (see "Osbournes Unveil F---ing Family Album").

Osbourne will perform the song for a second time a few days later at

KIIS-FM's June 15 Wango Tango festival in Pasadena, California. The fake

ID-carrying singer is looking forward to performing in front of a different

kind of audience than the Movie Awards.

"It's way more nerve-racking to perform in front of celebrities," Osbourne

said. "They're not your fans. They're here because they're nominated for a

f---ing award. Tonight was the first time I've ever performed, and there

were all those people, and I wanted to sh-- my pants. I made eye contact

with one motherf---er in the first row, and he started laughing at me, and I

got really pissed off. I was like, 'F--- you!' and kicked my microphone

stand down."

Osbourne's nerves were somewhat calmed by her father, who sent her enough

flowers to fill her dressing room and called from London "like seven times."

"He said that he loved me and that I can do it," Kelly said. "He's so


Fans of "The Osbournes" — and there are many (see " 'Osbournes' Is Must-See TV For Incubus, Pink, Box Car

Racer") — can witness more of that kind of loving behavior

(yeah, right) now that Sharon, Ozzy and the kids have signed on for two more


Although rumors have the show moving to the family's native England, Kelly

suggested otherwise.

"I will not go to England," she said. "It's not very comfortable for me

there. It's like people there all look the same and they don't have

acceptance for people who are different. I get kicked out of fancy stores in

London because my attire isn't appropriate. I don't feel like I should have

to fight for the way I look, so I would rather stay somewhere else. Don't

get me wrong, I love England. My friends there are my best friends since I

was 2 years old. It's just the only thing I miss is the food and my