Korn's Jonathan Davis Plans Killer Museum

Singer working to create museum to house his serial killer memorabilia.

It's not like anyone's ever accused Korn frontman Jonathan Davis of being lighthearted and well adjusted. After all, the guy took a job in high school at his local morgue and has been venting onstage about mental and physical abuse for the past decade. His latest extracurricular endeavor, however, may mark his most extreme move yet.

Davis is currently working with artist Joe Coleman and true crime artifacts collector and archivist Arthur Rosenblatt to create a museum in Los Angeles to house his extensive collection of serial killer memorabilia, a Korn spokesperson said. (Click for photos.)

For years, Davis has been buying mass murderer art and other items, and has amassed a series of works owned or created by America's most twisted and nefarious individuals. Some items the singer plans to put in his museum of true crime include:

  • The Volkswagen mass murderer Ted Bundy drove when he went searching for victims

  • The "Pogo" and "Patches" clown suits worn by John Wayne Gacy when he entertained kids at his local children's hospital (he later killed at least 33 people between the ages of 9 and 27)

  • The 1928 confession letter from cannibal Albert Fish,

    who killed over 100 children and wrote letters to some of the families of the victims containing gruesome details of the murders

  • Drawings by Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker," who committed at least 13 murders between 1984 and 1985 and considered himself a disciple of Satan

Davis, Coleman and Rosenblatt are currently scouting possible locations for the museum, including sites along L.A.'s Sunset Strip. They hope to open the museum in late summer.

In addition to the serial killer museum, Davis continues to work with horror novelist Clive Barker and composer Richard Gibbs (who wrote the music for the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack with the singer) on a DVD that will incorporate paintings by Barker with music by Davis and Gibbs (see "The Horror, The Horror: Korn's Jonathan Davis Conspires With Clive Barker").

Davis and Gibbs have also been fielding other soundtrack offers, and are currently talking with Barker and monster special effects designer Stan Winston about joining forces to create a dark musical that would likely make "Jekyll and Hyde" look like "Peter Pan."

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