Eminem Show Coming Even Sooner; Bootlegs Spur Date Change

Shock jocks draw label's ire during high-profile syndie show.

Those pesky streets. They just can't wait for a proper release date.

With bootlegs of Eminem's new album already sold for as little as $5 on some avenue corners — as well as leaked for download on the equally vexing Internet (see "Pirates Steal The Eminem Show") — The Eminem Show's release has been pushed up from June 4 back to May 28, its previously announced street date.

"Due to rampant bootlegging and Internet piracy, Aftermath/ Interscope, in conjunction with Goliath Management and Eminem, have decided to move the release of The Eminem Show up one week," the concerned parties announced in a statement. "The first 2 million copies that will be sold in stores will feature a DVD of exclusive Eminem performance and interview footage" (see "Eminem Goes After Moby, Limp Bizkit On 'Without Me' ").

While some of the online services trading bootlegged Em tracks have taken the songs offline, radio personalities Opie and Anthony took to the air on Friday (May 17) to play several selections from the LP on their syndicated show, which originates at WNEW-FM in New York City. The two claimed Interscope accused them of copyright infringement and read a cease-and-desist letter over the air.

" 'It has come to attention that you are in possession of an illegal, unauthorized copy of the above named album,' " the DJs read to listeners. " 'It has come to our attention that you have/intend to broadcast recordings from such album. Please be advised that you have no authority to broadcast any recordings off of this album. ... We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist.' "

In April, the team prematurely played four songs off of Korn's upcoming album, Untouchables, and revealed on-air that they had received a similar threat from Sony Music (see "Shock Jocks Give Korn LP Premature Premiere, Perturbing Label"). Opie and Anthony previewed Stone Temple Pilots' latest, Shangri-La Dee Da, before its scheduled time as well.

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