Kid Rock To Bust On His Pimped-Out Image In Next Video

Pimp of the nation to show what his life is really like in 'You Never Met a Motherf---er Quite Like Me' clip.

While he's been on the cover of Rolling Stone, sung with Willie Nelson, drunk with Hank Williams Jr. and met the president while high — or so he boasts — Kid Rock isn't really too far removed from the average Joe. Despite his accomplishments and self-aggrandizing on such songs as "I Am the Bullgod," "American Bad Ass" and the telltale "Cocky," Bob Ritchie, as the video for "You Never Met a Motherf---er Quite Like Me" will soon attest, isn't that different from the guy next door ... that is, if your neighbor makes the punk rock, mixes it with the hip-hop and is engaged to "Barbie in the flesh" Pam Anderson.

Rock is scheduled to shoot the clip for "You Never Met a Motherf---er ...," the third single from his latest album, Cocky, with director Robert Hales (Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Tuesday in Los Angeles, according to an Atlantic Records spokesperson. The song — a down-tempo, '70s-inspired funk groove brightened by flourishes of twangy acoustic and loosely wrought rock guitar that lists Rock's accolades while still finding time to shout out Atlantic Records CEO Ahmet Ertegun — is already making waves at radio.

Though production has yet to start, Rock was able to surmise a bit of the video's content, which he hopes will illustrate an acute distinction between fantasy and reality.

Like any regular guy on a budget, Kid Rock doesn't subscribe to the "money's no object" theory when it comes to making videos. He relies on creativity instead of cash. What else would you expect from the frugal MC who, according to the title of his 1990 debut, used to eat "grits sandwiches for breakfast" in his salad days?

"And that's what I kind of do with my music, too — with everything. That's the way I record, that's the way my stage sets are, that's the way my videos are. I'm a cheap ass!"

In keeping with his meat-and-potatoes image, don't expect Rock's pending nuptials to Anderson (see "Kid Rock, Pam Anderson Makin' It Legal") to be a champagne-and-caviar celebration. Chips, dip and a six-pack might be all that's required for the blue-collar love bunnies.

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