Saliva Hide Away To Make LP About Returning To The Fans

Group to begin recording third LP in upstate New York later this month.

There's a cyclical connotation to the title of Saliva's last album, Every Six Seconds, so it's fitting that the follow-up's name also has a recurring association.

Frontman Josey Scott considers his band's third LP, tentatively crowned Back Into Your System, a homecoming of sorts, only it's not mom and dad he wants to get reacquainted with.

"A lot of people say, 'Don't you get tired of being away from home? Don't you get tired of being pulled away from your families?' Well, that is our family," he explained. "We consider our fans our family.

"Back Into Your System is just about coming back and being with the people that have made us who we are. We're lucky enough to have the jobs that we do and lucky enough to be able to perform for people who love our music and buy our records and show up at concerts. It's about coming back to that. It's like coming home."

Scott has written 18 songs for the successor to Every Six Seconds, which has sold more than 665,000 copies since its release last March, according to SoundScan. Recording will start later this month, and the longhaired rocker expects the new album to carry 12 tracks, with the rest to be saved for possible soundtracks, B-sides and EPs. Back Into Your System is expected to drop in the fall.

To hear him tell it, Scott didn't have to look far to find the inspiration to pen the new tunes. All it took was a bit of introspection combined with some astute observation.

"It's a growth of our maturity, a growth of our spirit," he said. "It's delving deeper into our minds, into our hearts, into situations that have happened to us. We don't really write third-person-type stuff, we write stuff that happens in our lives, from girl-boy-type stuff to our kids to our fans."

Saliva have once again tapped Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper), who helmed Every Six Seconds, to produce the new material at the renowned Bearsville Studios in upstate New York near Woodstock. The remote confines, built by Bob Dylan's former manager and music-industry luminary Albert Grossman in 1970, have hosted sessions by Dylan and the Band to Faith No More and R.E.M. And while it may seem odd for five metal-heavy boys from Dixie to stow away upstate, Saliva picked the location for all the right reasons.

"We wanted to get away from the big city and sort of stay focused and definitely have a vibe at the same time," he said. "Bearsville is supposed to have all of that, so we're gonna kick it up there."

Scott predicted the title track would be the album's leadoff single, though he's also partial to "Superstar II," the sequel to Every Six Seconds' "Superstar," about the band's restructured mindset after having gone through the initial growing pains of success. "The Pride of America" is another favorite. Hinged on September 11, the tune explores the patriotism that swelled since the disaster and "how Americans stand up and dust ourselves off and kick some ass."

In sum, he's just psyched to get to work.

"We're really excited about it," he gushed. "It's a great record. We're going to try to top Every Six Seconds. We feel like we really had a great example of ourselves on that album, so we're going to definitely dive deeper into that."