Dupri, Diddy, Snoop, Murphy Lee Represent On 'Atlanta' Remix, Video

'Welcome to Atlanta' reworking opens arms to entire country.

NEW YORK — Jermaine Dupri wasn't telling any fibs on Wednesday when he tooted his own horn on the set of his "Welcome to Atlanta" remix video.

"It can't get no bigger," JD bragged, while P. Diddy, covered in New York Yankees garb, danced and lip-synched raps for a crowd of onlookers. (Click for photos from the video shoot).

With director Benny Boom calling the shots, Dupri and Diddy found themselves on the roof of the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden, a.k.a. the World's Most Famous Arena, last week. Additional scenes for the video were shot earlier in the month at landmarks in Atlanta and St. Louis.

"Me and Puff were just thinking what we wanted to do [for his scene]," Dupri said at the MSG shoot, where Fabolous, DJ Clue and members of the Bad Boy camp also made cameos. Diddy is one member of Dupri's triad of guests on the remix: St. Lunatic Murphy Lee and Long Beach's favorite son, Snoop Dogg, are also on the track and will appear in the video.

"Everybody's part was crazy," said the ATL native, dressed in a New York Mets jersey and ball cap. "I did my part in the parking lot of [Atlanta club] Magic City. Snoop is going to be on top of something in Long Beach. Everybody's part is huge. Everybody is representing their city hard."

Murphy Lee was no exception. "We did our part in St. Louis at Busch Stadium," he said on a phone call from his hometown. "JD came down and everything. We got a scene in front of the stadium and we got a scene right in front of home plate.

"I thought it was just me and JD and [original track guest] Ludacris who were going to be on the [remix]," Lee added. "It came out and I heard Puff and Snoop, I was like, 'Dag, I'm on the track with Puff and Snoop! And JD?' The young boy stays excited."

Although the video is close to being completed (plans for Snoop's scene still have to be finalized), the So So Def CEO said a home for the song is still up in the air.

"I think I'm gonna do a remix album," JD said, also mentioning that it may possibly wind up on the 'Like Mike' soundtrack. "Everybody is asking for it. This remix is so crazy, it had to be out there."

— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway