Brandy Dresses Up, Beastie Boys Make Juice, Cranberries Tour: This Week In 1995

This week in 1995, Brandy went shopping for a prom dress. MTV News tagged along to experience what would become a battle of wills between the singer and her father, who had a very different idea than his daughter about what makes for good formal wear.

First, Brandy tried on a long green cotton dress.

Brandy: This is so dope to wear to the prom with some, like, tennis shoes. Kidding, kidding, kidding.

Then she put on a long black dress.

Brandy: I would wear this to prom.

But her dad wasn't having it ...

Brandy's dad: No. Where did you get this thing? It's like wearing Scotch tape. This looks like something Madonna would wear. This is a definite no no.

She tried on another.

Brandy: This is so ugly. Oh my god, this is not me. I can't believe I'm on MTV looking like this.

Brandy's dad: Brandy, you just don't see what I see. That is beautiful.

Brandy: Daddy, I will never see what you see if you're seeing what I'm thinking you're seeing ...

On their first tour of South America, the Beastie Boys played in a crowded stadium in Argentina. We caught up with them as they underwent rigorous preparations for the gig, beginning with a good game of basketball.

After the workout, the guys needed a nice refreshing beverage.

Ad-Rock: We make some juice.

MCA: The thing you gotta know about making juice is it's pretty simple. You take stuff ... and put it inside the juicer.

Being on tour gave the Beastie Boys a chance to experience the culture of the countries they visited. But when a local reporter asked them about a certain superstar soccer player, the Beasties were a little on the clueless side ...

Reporter: What do you know about Maradona?

Ad-Rock: Madonna? She's got some great dance steps.

Reporter: No, Maradona.

Ad-Rock: Oh. He's got some great dance steps ...

The Cranberries were plowing ahead on a headlining tour of the U.S. in support of their triple-platinum second album, No Need to Argue, back in 1995.

Frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan wasn't just well-known for her unique vocals, she had also managed to develop a bit of a reputation.

Dolores O'Riordan: It's weird, because sometimes people try to portray me as if I'm like the Hitler of the band or something. And like they're all afraid of me, the three guys are. But it's not true. I'm just like one of the guys.

Having just shot the video for their single "Ridiculous Thoughts," the Cranberries planned to take a few months off after the tour to enjoy their hard-won success.

Dolores O'Riordan: I just think there's a lot of bands that are really big and some people can't even sing. And I know I can sing good. So what if you're on the cover of a magazine? It doesn't mean that all of a sudden I believe in myself. I always believed in myself. And I think we all always believed in what we did as a band.

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