P.O.D.'s Curiel Cranks Out Rockin' Remix For Nappy Roots

Marcos Curiel lays down fuzzed-out guitar riffs for rap collective's 'Awnaw.'

While Nappy Roots' "Po' Folks" has the potential for pay dirt at urban radio, the Kentucky sextet are hoping to ground themselves with rock stations with a guitar-driven remix of their first single, "Awnaw," courtesy of P.O.D. axeman Marcos Curiel.

The rock version of "Awnaw," from the group's major-label debut album, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz, (see "Nappy Roots Aim To Nourish Kentucky-Style With Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz) is expected to surface at rock radio in the coming weeks, though a few stations have already added the track to their playlists, according to an Atlantic Records spokesperson. Where the original version begins with a pipe organ that hovers around a thumping beat, Curiel's treatment supplants the churchy instrument with P.O.D.'s trademark fuzzed-out guitar riffs that drive the aggressive cut all the way through. To offset the crosscut shredding, piercing squeals jab the multifaceted percussion from below. Contributions from one man never sounded so bustling.

"We were looking at remixes from a lot of people," he added. "And a lot of the ones we were getting just weren't it ... they weren't as tight as the original. And then our manager let me hear Marcos' version, and I was like, 'Oh sh--. That's hot. That's it. That's the remix.' "

The rock version of "Awnaw" has been added to the second pressing of Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz, which has sold nearly 350,000 copies since its release in February, according to SoundScan.

A revised adaptation of the video will coincide with Curiel's heavy-handed adaptation. If much of the new clip looks similar to those already familiar with Nappy Roots' video for "Awnaw," it's because it is. For the updated version, director Lenny Bass used extra clips from the initial shoot and combined them with footage of Curiel rocking out.

"There's a lot of energy that is broadcast through the video," he continued. "You know how 'Awnaw' does that down-home organ kind of thing? This is rock and the energy stepped up 20, 30 notches or something. We're cranking it up on this one and really getting it loud."