Lil' Romeo Gives Love To Charities

No Limit's smallest MC takes part in two charity events within one week.

Despite the diminutive prefix before his name, preteen rapper Lil' Romeo has a heart the size of his daddy's No Limit tank.

The young MC took part in two charity events within a week: one to raise money for medical research and another that gave some of his disenfranchised fans the chance to beat him at his own game.

On Thursday, Romeo and his pop, Master P, hosted Game Time at video-game room Bar Code in New York's Times Square. One hundred needy children were invited to the arcade by three New York-based organizations, the Children's Aid Society, Coalition for the Homeless and Homes for the Homeless, according to an event spokesperson. There, they met the lil' lyricist and enjoyed food, drinks and free video games for three hours. Romeo also signed posters and copies of his new single, "2 Way," which is featured in the upcoming film "Hey Arnold! The Movie," set to hit theatres June 28. Movie merchandise was also signed and distributed.

The title of the event takes its name from Lil' Romeo's second album, Game Time, due June 4 (see "Lil' Romeo Battles His Evil Twin On B-Ball Court").

A week before the Bar Code event, Romeo, Master P and Silkk the Shocker led the New No Limit Records team in the third annual T.J. Martell B-Ball Classic charity basketball game, which raised more than $80,000 for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research, according to a T.J. Martell spokesperson.