Bitch Is Back: Osbournes Reunited With Lost Dog

Black Pomeranian had been missing for months.

As if getting around without stepping in or on anything isn't difficult enough for Ozzy Osbourne, another potential hazard has just come back into his life.

Pipi, the black Pomeranian that had been missing for months, has finally come home. The dog was returned to the Osbournes' Beverly Hills home last week, according to a source close to the family.

The miniature pooch went missing from the Osbourne estate sometime in February, Kelly Osbourne said last month (see " 'Osbournes' Cast Member Walks Off Set, Hasn't Returned"). When news of the missing dog broke, media outlets across the country reported on the story, which could have aided in the pet's return.

Kelly Ripa of ABC's "Live With Regis and Kelly" announced on the program Friday (May 3) that she received a bouquet of roses from Ozzy and his wife, Sharon, to thank her for aiding in the return of the miniature pooch.

"Because of you we got our Pipi back. A million thanks. Love, the Osbournes," read the card that accompanied the flowers.