Dave Matthews Band's 'Lillywhite Sessions' To Be Busted In July

Sixth studio album will feature a few new tracks alongside songs that have been circulating underground.

While they may forever be known to fans as "the Lillywhite sessions," the songs Dave Matthews Band shelved two years ago will fall under the official title of Busted Stuff when they're finally released July 16.

The band's sixth studio album will feature a few new tracks along with several fresh renderings of the songs Steve Lillywhite originally produced in 2000 — songs that were put aside in favor of the Glen Ballard-manned Everyday (see "Dave Matthews Band Revives Old Tunes On New LP").

Most of the tracks on Busted Stuff, which is also the name of the album's opening track, have been available on the Internet in live or Lillywhite versions for some time but are said to have taken on a more acoustic sound under the production of the band and longtime engineer Steve Harris.

Dave Matthews Band just finished shooting a video for the album's first single, the romantic "Where Are You Going," which is also featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy "Mr. Deeds" (see "Dirty 'Deeds': Adam Sandler Croons Bowie Classic").

Chuck McBride, who directed the hug-happy "Everyday" clip, was behind the camera again, according to a band spokesperson. Details of the video, however, were not available.

Matthews and his cohorts are in the midst of a North American tour that began in April (see "Dave Matthews Band Takes It Back To The Barroom In Boston") and will wrap up in September. They're scheduled to play two shows in the Woodlands, Texas, this weekend.

Busted Stuff track list, according to a Dave Matthews Band spokesperson:

  • "Busted Stuff"

  • "Grey Street"

  • "Where Are You Going"

  • "You Never Know"

  • "Captain"

  • "Raven"

  • "Grace Is Gone"

  • "Kit Kat Jam"

  • "Digging a Ditch"

  • "Big Eyed Fish"

  • "Bartender"