Tyrese Injured In Motorcycle Accident

Singer hit gully in Riverside, California, desert and flew 50 feet when bike hit.

Tyrese had a serious run-in with a gully on Friday while riding his motorcycle with friends in a Riverside, California, desert.

According to his spokesperson, Tyrese didn't see the gully coming and he flew 50 feet when his bike hit. The 23-year-old, who was driving the same 955I Triumph Datona motorcycle as he did in the "I Like Them Girls" video, was rushed to Ranchos Spring Medical Center in Riverside, suffering cuts and bruises all over his body and severe back pain.

He was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday for back treatment and is expected to stay there through the weekend. His spokesperson said he's in stable condition.

The injury has halted recording on his third solo album, which will be his first as part of Clive Davis' J Records camp. Tyrese, who signed with J in December, had just begun work in the studio last month. His spokesperson said the album's release depends on when Tyrese gets well and finishes up. They hope to have it ready for fall. If not, they plan to hold it until the beginning of 2003.

As for his other gig as an actor, Tyrese had been auditioning for a few roles, but he has no firm commitments at this point.