Nas, Jay-Z Guest On Next Scarface Album

Battling rappers appear on separate tracks; Beanie Sigel also contributes.

Nas and Jay-Z will finally appear on the same album this summer, though fans who've waited years for the dream-team collaboration shouldn't get too hyped — the lyrical pugilists guest on separate tracks on the new LP by hardcore hip-hop legend Scarface.

"Face," as he now officially calls himself, will drop The Fix on July 2, according to his spokesperson. "Guess Who's Back," which features Jay and Beanie Sigel, is already creating a buzz on mixtapes, and a second track, "My Block," is soon to follow. Face's rep says to expect yet another single, "Heaven Part 2," within the coming months.

Face is still in the studio plugging away at the album and has only confirmed Jay, Beans and Nas as guests so far.

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