Nelly Celly Puts Bling-Bling In Your Ring-Ring

Band-Aided rapper getting customized cell phone treatment.

Any self-respecting St. Lunatics fan would be certifiably crazy not to want a mobile phone designed with the group's ringleader in mind. Come June 15 they'll be able to answer that call when the Nelly celly hits store shelves (Click here for a photo).

Games, customized Nelly ringtones and the opportunity to have the rapper's voice handle your voicemail are among the phone's features, according to a spokesperson for the phone's marketing company.

Manufactured by Motorola and likely to operate on the Sprint network, the phones will be equipped with Java technology, which allows users to download digital images upon startup and surf the Web. Fans will also be able to purchase Nelly's second album, Nellyville, due June 25 (see "Impulse Shopper Nelly Nearly Purchases Small Town"), with their mobile phones.

Those who opt into a Nelly subscription service, which will cost between $1.25 and $2.00 per month, will also receive daily messages from the St. Louis MC, information about upcoming concerts in their area and discounts on tour merchandise. At the show, fans can download set lists specific to that night. And when holidays roll around, users will have the pleasure of being told to "have a happy ... " courtesy of the Band-Aid-brandishing lyricist.

All these plans are in the works, and the spokesperson said Nelly has yet to record any greetings.

The phone is the brainchild of PTN Media, Inc., which is also responsible for Michael Jordan and Claudia Schiffer edition Palm Pilots.