P. Diddy Rescued By Loon, Ginuwine, Models Galore In 'Girl, Part 2'

Harleys, house party help rapper solve female trouble.

At the end of his video for "I Need a Girl, Part 1," P. Diddy made us wait to see if he could resolve his woman woes. Thankfully one of Diddy's Bad Boys, Loon, revealed that he, Ginuwine and a house full of models help rescue P.D. from the doldrums in the clip for "I Need a Girl, Part 2."

"The first [song], to me, is like a hip-hop ballad," surmised Loon, who also rapped in the original video (see "P. Diddy, Usher Shoot Clip For 'The-Not-About-J.Lo' Song"). "It's real slow, real smooth. The second song is more like a release of Puff [from] dwelling on his female situation. It's more uptempo.

"This joint, we take Puff to [Bad Boy producer] Mario Winans' house, and we're trying to get him to forget about the girl: 'Dogs, Mario is having a party, and it's going to be crazy. It's gonna be a whole bunch of girls there. You need to roll with us. Forget about shorty.'

"We, as good friends and very party orientated people, felt like, 'Dogs, we got the trick for you — slide with us,' " he continued. "We're riding Harley [Davidson motorcycles]. This video is real big: a conclusion to 'Part 1.' "

There is no word from Arista Records, Bad Boy's current distributor, on when the clip will air.

A recent trend with videos is to leave viewers hanging, waiting for a sequel. Usher has a trilogy of clips on his hands with "U Remind Me," "U Got It Bad" and "U Don't Have to Call," while Ja Rule made his latest vid, "Down Ass Chick," a cliffhanger.

What's up with these guys not giving us any sense of closure?