Cam'ron's New Single Has A Manly Smell

Rapper's video for 'Oh Boy' also serves as 'ad' for upcoming cologne of same name.

When you're from the home of the hustlers — Harlem, U.S.A. — coming up with schemes to make greenbacks is as natural as breathing. For pulverizing lyricist and Uptown around-the-way guy Cam'ron, making money with his latest business venture is of course essential, but so is saving.

The clip for "Oh Boy," the first single off of his May 14 release, Come Home With Me, is not only a vehicle to keep the buzz going for his record, it's also a means to build anticipation for a cologne of the same name Cam'ron said he's putting out.

"We got an Oh Boy cologne coming out in stores, so we just promoted that in the video," Cam said Monday at New York's Bassline studios. "We're working [to release it] this spring, but if not, then June."

The rapper said that when Jimmy Jones, who sat in the director's chair for the first time for "Oh Boy" and is also part of Cam's Diplomat clique, came up with the concept of having the video centering around a brand-name fragrance, they decided to make life imitate art.

"We was like, 'We should do it for real,' " Cam, who shows off his new Lamborghini in the clip, said. "When you see the video you're going to be like, 'Where can I get the cologne from?' It's crazy. The video has partying, girls, Burberry car covers, Gucci car covers. There's lots of hundreds of thousands on the screens."

Jones is also set to shoot the Diplomats' debut video, "I'm Ready," within the next few weeks in Paris. Cam'ron said their family album is scheduled to drop in September, as is the movie "Paid in Full," in which the rapper, Wood Harris and Mekhi Phifer star as Harlem drug kingpins (see "Streets Is Watching Cam'ron's 'Paid In Full' — On Bootleg").

"Oh Boy" was shot last month in New York and is scheduled to air later this week on music video outlets.