Backstreet's A.J. Offers Keys To His Crib For $1.95 M

Soon-to-be-married McLean selling off Orlando bachelor pad.

Fans who've lustfully longed to spend a night in A.J. McLean's bedroom now have the opportunity to do so ... but they had better bring their checkbooks.

The two-story lakeside home belonging to the Backstreet Boy and soon-to-be-married man (see "Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Engaged") is on the market, according to its realty agent. McLean is asking $1.95 million for the furnished, six-bedroom house, located in Orlando County, Florida.

The price tag on the home, which was featured on A.J.'s episode of "Cribs," is reasonable, considering amenities that include five bathrooms, wall-to-wall carpeting, French doors, screened-in pool, three-car garage, game room, home theater and a sea wall in the backyard (click here for photos).

Those who can't make it to Florida for the open house can take a virtual tour here.