Sisqo Shoots Back At Nas, R. Kelly On 'This Is Heart'

'Thong Song' singer leaves most of the verbal sparring to the Associates, though.

When you have a rattlesnake cornered, he's going to come out striking with the quickness. When you do the same to his reptilian brethren, or in this case a singer who calls himself a dragon, you should also expect some consequences.

After being dissed and mocked by Nas and R. Kelly, Sisqó has released a retort record directed toward both performers called "This Is Heart."

"N---a said he was the best shorty/ Now you testing my vest, shorty," he sings on the track. "Nas and R. Kelly tried to hold me/ Getting no airplay/ Now they bore me/ ... Ain't nobody gonna take what's mine."

Sisqó isn't alone on the song — he leaves most of the mic time up to his protégés the Associates, with one of them calling Nas the queen of Queensbridge and another saying of Kelly's recent sex scandal: "Let me remind you of that ish you did/ The 'world's greatest'? whatever/ Ain't nothing but a child molester."

A spokesperson for Kelly had no comment on the song, and representatives for Nas could not be reached.

What has caused Sisqó to take time from recording the new Dru Hill album and spew all this angry verbiage? Well, Kelly took a couple of potshots at Sisqó on "Shorty," from The Best of Both Worlds, his new joint release with Jay-Z: "Said I wouldn't mention Sisqó/ F--- it, he's a bum." In January, Kelly told MTV that was in retaliation for Sisqó's false prophecies of shutting down the R&B game with his solo album Return of Dragon last summer.

Later that summer, Sisqó became caught in the verbal crossfire of the Nas and Jay-Z battle. "Is he H to izz-O, M to the izz-O?/ Fo' shizzle you phony, the rapping version of Sisqó," Nas rhymed in the underground freestyle "Stillmatic."

Coincidentally, Nas is also the center of attention in a dis freestyle by Nature, one of his former partners in the Firm. On "Nas Is Not," Nature accuses Nas of being a fake thug and not taking care of his deceased friend Ill Will's mother, among other things.

Both tracks can be heard on DJ Kay Slay's (aptly nicknamed the Drama King) latest mixtape, Renegades Part 8.