Lyle Lovett's Leg Shattered In Bull Attack

Singer/songwriter trampled while coming to cattleman uncle's aid.

While country music has long been known for its cock-and-bull stories, its latest tale is hardly about the one who got away — Lyle Lovett simply wasn't that nimble.

Lovett, 44, suffered a broken leg Wednesday when a bull trampled him at a farm belonging to his uncle Calvin Klein — a Texas cattleman, not the fashion designer — according to the Associated Press. The peculiar, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter underwent emergency surgery at Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital, where a hospital spokesperson said he remained in good condition Thursday (March 28).

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Coupe of the University of Texas, Houston, said Lovett, who also fractured his thumb in the bull bashing, may remain hospitalized for up to three days and a full recovery could take from six to eight months. He's expected to be moving about on crutches Friday (March 29).

The singer was in the cattle pen at Klein's farm in Klein, Texas, when the bull flipped his uncle, and Lovett came to his aid. Klein sustained minor rib injuries.

The country singer, whose two-year marriage to actress Julia Roberts ended in 1995, will undergo months of rehabilitation following the surgery to repair multiple fractures to the shin bone of his right leg. The bone was comminuted, or pulverized, in several places, and given a six — the highest rating — on the Schatzker scale, which measures the severity of fractures.

Lovett has released eight studio albums in his 16-year career, including his latest, the mostly instrumental soundtrack to 2000's "Dr. T and the Women."