Brandy Plays Peeping Tom-ika In New Video

Singer shoots clip for next single, 'Full Moon.'

Of course you wouldn't be surprised to catch Brandy traipsing the red carpet at some fancy star-studded gala, but in her new video for "Full Moon," she proves she isn't too gassed to party with the regular folks.

Shot in Los Angeles a little over two weeks ago by red-hot helmer Chris Robinson, "Full Moon," the title track from Brandy's current LP, opens with the singer doing what any multi-platinum siren would on a night off: stargazing through a telescope on her balcony.

Brandy then becomes starry-eyed while playing a bit of a peeping Tom-ika when she turns her attention to a house party a few miles away. There she locks pupils with a longhaired stud, so she crashes the shindig in hopes of meeting him.

Brandy, who's a few months pregnant, doesn't dance in the video. But even if she weren't with child, everybody knows it's all about standing against the wall, looking cute and not doing the Harlem shake when you're trying to subtly attract a potential Mr. Right.

You'll get to see for yourself if Brandy is a true Mack this week. "Full Moon" premieres on "TRL" on Thursday.