Snoop Dogg Digging Up Three More Movies, New Album

He's currently shooting 'Old School' with Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson.

Snoop Dogg is getting his mojo on for his next movie, and he wants a multiplatinum rocker to be his leading lady.

"I've got a movie that's being shot around right now, it's called 'Lady T and Mojo Slim,' " Snoop said Sunday on the set of another upcoming movie, "Old School." "I want Gwen Stefani to play the opposite of me in that movie, so we're trying to get that to happen. It's like a 'Bonnie and Clyde' movie."

While the pairing isn't likely to happen (Stefani's management denies it), Snoop's film career shouldn't suffer. Not only is the Doggfather coming off three popular projects from last fall — "Training Day, "Bones" and "The Wash" (see "Snoop Dogg Says 'Whatever' To Harry Potter") — he has another three in the works.

In "Old School," which stars Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson, Snoop plays the entertainer in a party scene. "It was fun because the people were enjoying the sh-- and it was in a different light," Snoop said after filming the scene with fellow rapper Warren G. "Instead of just regular acting, it was more performing, and that's what we do."

In the scene, Snoop performs a remake of Eric B & Rakim's "Paid in Full," which will also be included on the soundtrack. Snoop is so impressed with his version, which features additional vocals by Tracy Nelson and Kokane and percussion from Cypress Hill's B-Real, he plans to include it on his upcoming album, Big Snoop Dogg: Paid the Cost to Be the Boss.

Also in the works for the budding big-screen star is a drama called "48 Honey."

"It's like a gangbang story, a 'hood story," Snoop explained, kicking back in his dressing room as Warren G and Vaughn played video games. "It's real sharp. It's slick. It's deeper than any other movie that you've ever seen that's 'hood orientated."

Snoop was inspired to improve his acting chops after working with thespians like the Oscar-nominated Denzel Washington in "Training Day" and Vaughn in "Old School."

"It's like the real ones who are really making quality movies, my acting is steppin' up to be in their realm," Snoop said. "So it's not just low-budget 'hood roles that I'm doin'. I am reaching out now, and I am getting the chance to be in the presence of real actors. And these people I've been involved with today, it's just a blessing. I'm thanking you all for giving me the opportunity, Hollywood."

Once these films are finished and Big Snoop Dogg is on shelves, Snoop plans to explore other roles, possibly even star in a romantic comedy.

"I'm with all that," Snoop said. "I've got kids. I'm into making movies for all people, kids and middle-aged. I don't want to just keep it one-sided. I like it to be for everybody, just like my music."