Wyclef Jean Nabs 'All-Ghetto Cast' — Including Tom Jones — For Album

Clef to drop Masquerade later this spring.

So now we know what Wyclef Jean's been doing since he dropped his last album, The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book. He's been working on his new LP, Masquerade, which is due later this spring, and apparently sharpening his culinary skills.

" 'Warning' basically [says], 'Don't get mad at me if you show up in the house and I'm with your girl and I'm cooking breakfast,' " he said last week in his Platinum Studios of a song off of the new project. "Don't get mad at me, get mad at yourself. That means you was doing something wrong. A thug like me will be up in your house."

And why wouldn't any lady fall victim to Clef's charms? While giving the 411 on some of the tracks, he said he also has a cut that will keep him at heartthrob status.

"You know I'm a sexy brother," he said with a smile, sitting in front of the control boards. "So we gotta have the sexy joints for the ladies. I did a joint with Claudette [Ortiz] from City High, 'Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right.' I figured that out in arguing with my girl. We'd be arguing, then I gotta give up because you can't argue with no girl. She's gonna always be right."

Besides City High's sexy siren, Clef said he called upon M.O.P. and Freddie Foxx for the title track and 61-year-old loverman Tom Jones for "What's Up Pussycat?"

"It's an all-ghetto cast," he said of the album. "[The concept is] it's a radio station, 93.1. We're dedicating it to my father who passed away on September 3, 2001. It's sort of like, if I had my own radio station and I could play hip-hop and R&B the way I wanted to, this is how it would sound. So come with me into the pirate radio station. Most likely they gonna shut us down, but we gonna keep going till the end of the record."

Besides being dedicated to his late father, Clef also wanted to thank the hip-hop fans with the album. He said that while he's touched on a bevy of genres with his music, he hasn't forgotten about them, and hopes they haven't forgotten he can still get "grimy" with the rhymes.

"I dropped Ecleftic a year and a half ago," he began to explain about why he's calling the new LP Masquerade. "A masquerade is a mask, and this album is talking about every mask you got on, starting with myself. I start off with kids selling crack in the community and reveal the mask of drugs. The second joint is called 'The PJs,' [which is about] where I came from, revealing the mask in the projects. Then I got a joint called '80 Bars,' [where I'm just] spitting. No hook, revealing the mask of 'Can he still spit?' "