How Much Would You Pay To Sit On Jonathan Davis' Couch?

Korny furniture among the offerings at celebrity auction site run by Orgy drummer.

The only thing that comes between Korn's Jonathan Davis and his couch is a kilt, and the only thing standing between you and that very same couch is a winning bid.

StarTrader, a new online auction site, also boasts clothes right out of Tommy Lee's closet and a drum machine used by Orgy drummer Bobby Hewitt.

So how does a Web site only 3 months old have so much cool stuff? Well, it helps that it was launched by Hewitt himself.

Not only does he have connections, Hewitt has been around the rock 'n' roll block enough times to realize how much stuff artists accumulate.

"Bobby wanted to create a way for artists to auction and sell stuff that they had collected from years of touring and being involved in music and entertainment," StarTrader co-founder Skip McNevin explained. "Many artists like Bobby have tons of stuff in their houses, but don't feel comfortable using eBay or Yahoo auctions."

Since StarTrader works closely with groups like the Musicians' Assistance Program, the Domestic Violence Intervention Service and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the site also gives artists an easy way to make charitable donations.

"They are thrilled to help others, while at the same time safely selling their extra stuff and in some cases making some extra space in a closet or bedroom at home," McNevin said.

Aside from Davis' couch, which at press time was going for $800 and closes Tuesday, StarTrader is also auctioning an autographed Linkin Park poster, Go-Go's CD and Meat Loaf autobiography. Items from Kid Rock, Blondie, Godsmack, Lit and Jimmy Page are also available, though McNevin's favorite item is an autographed backstage pass from Sugar Ray drummer Stan Frazier for a concert sponsored by none other than Enron.

Hewitt came up with the idea for StarTrader in the spring of 2000 and got it off the ground when he met McNevin, a former Web designer and television producer for NASA, at an Orgy show.

Hewitt, McNevin and entertainment attorney Richard Joseph spent more than a year studying auction sites and building StarTrader before launching it in December.

The Web site is centered around the celebrity memorabilia auction but also features links to Web sites of participating artists and charities and a collector-to-collector marketplace where anyone can auction items.

Although only about a quarter of the roughly 200 items on StarTrader are from celebrities (actors and athletes are also auctioning items), that's the driving force behind the Web site. "Everyone who has bought an item from a celebrity has sent some incredibly great feedback about the site, working with us, and how cool it was to get something that used to be owned by their favorite artist," McNevin said.