Incubus To Send 'Warning' To Fans

Band to shoot video for track next week during Australian tour.

As Incubus rev up to hit the road for the Honda Civic tour (see "Incubus To

Perform 'Civic' Duty On The Road"), the band has a warning for its

fans — literally. "Warning" will be the next single from the group's latest

record, Morning View, and Incubus will shoot a video for the tune next

week during their Australian tour.

"It's probably going to follow relatively closely to the content of the

song, which is basically about a moment in somebody's life where they

realize they've been wasting their time," singer Brandon Boyd said. "And

they realize that right when it's too late. So, almost in a West Side Story

type way, they go out onto their balcony and cry, 'Warning! F--- you too!' "

Guitarist Mike Einziger said the band is looking forward to getting back to

the narrative form, since its last video, "Nice to Know You," was a concert

clip, and the "Wish You Were Here" video had to be radically restructured

after September 11, as it featured a scene of people running across a

bridge that looked similar to footage of people fleeing the World Trade

Center site (see "Incubus Release Banned Video, Prepare For Next Band Video").

"Making a live video was a really good idea, but it was also partially us

just being lazy and not wanting to go through the process of reading through

people's ideas and trying to create something," Einziger said. "That process

requires a lot of energy that I don't think we had at the time, but now I

think we have the patience to make a really good video."

"Nice to Know You" is currently #10 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. Although the title and lyrics make it sound like a song about an ended relationship, Boyd is actually singing to his hand, not a girl. But the song's a metaphor for

something more spiritual.

"I had a moment in my life about a year ago where I was way too close to

everything that was going on and I was blind," Boyd said. "I felt like I was

asleep. And the clouds parted for kind of a strange reason and I gained

perspective. What happened was my hand had fallen asleep on the airplane on

the way to Europe and it remained asleep for about 10 days, which was kind

of scary. I must have pinched a nerve or something. But as my hand started

waking up, the clouds started breaking away from that emotional state as

well. The two happened simultaneously, so I created a simple metaphor for it.

So it's basically a song about gaining perspective on a situation."