Beck Entering Studio To Work On Acoustic-Based LP

New album to be alternative pop offering in vein of his emotive 1998 disc, Mutations.

Chameleonic alternative artist Beck isn't just fighting for fairer record

contracts for musicians these days, he's also writing new music.

On Wednesday (March 6), Beck will enter the Ocean Way recording studio in Los Angeles to begin working on his next album, which will be an acoustic-based alternative pop offering in the vein of his emotive 1998 disc, Mutations, a source close to the

artist said.

The new record will be produced by Nigel Godrich, who worked on

Mutations and the last four Radiohead albums. In a recent post on his

Web site, Beck said he was hoping to record a track a day, a creative

approach similar to that of his earlier collaboration with Godrich.

Beck will enter the studio with all of the songs written, and the disc will

likely feature the tracks "Evil Things" and "Lost Cause," which he played

February 26 at the RAC benefit concert in Los Angeles to protest unfair record label


Joining Beck in the studio will be multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion (Aimee

Mann, the Wallflowers), as well as a few of his longtime musical partners — keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Moog Cookbook), multi-instrumentalist Justin

Meldal-Johnsen and guitarist Smokey Hormel.