Bootleggers Get The Best Of Jay-Z, R. Kelly

Best of Both Worlds isn't due in stores for another month.

The streets still can't wait — the bootleg bandits have struck Jay-Z again. His tag team effort with R. Kelly, The Best of Both Worlds, isn't due until March 26, but already a version of the LP has been leaked.

In the past, Jay and Roc-A-Fella Records have gone to great lengths to counteract pirating, adding and subtracting songs at the 11th hour and even pushing up The Blueprint's release by two weeks when the album found its way onto the black market. However, Roc-A-Fella said it has no plans to push forward the release of The Best of Both Worlds.

The bootleg includes such cuts as "Take You Home With Me a.k.a. Body," "Get This Money" and "Honey," which also have all been released to radio and are scheduled to appear on the official LP.

The rest of the bootlegged disc features 11 songs produced by Kelly, the Trackmasters and Megahertz, ranging from firsthand street narratives like "It Ain't Personal" to boastful game spitting on "Somebody's Girl."

On a cut simply titled "Pu---," Jay and Kelly rhyme and sing about how guys "will do anything" for some good loving, while "Break up to Make Up" finds the shoe on the other foot, with the duo accusing their girls of intentionally picking fights just to revel in the lustful reconciliatory aftermath.

"You and me, having sex/ After an argument, that sh--'s the best," Kelly sings on the hook before going on to croon, "So much love to be made, instead of screaming who's to blame."

Meanwhile, Jay rhymes of domestic discord: "I storm in, she storms out/ Like 'The War of the Roses' going on in my house."

The songs "Naked" and "Come to Daddy" are vintage Kelly love ballads (Jay-Z doesn't appear in either cut). On the latter, he tries to convince a female that he's "that playa" for her and a much better choice to please her body than her current boo.

Although Jay is already contemplating the release of his next solo CD, he's still going to milk the double-platinum cash cow The Blueprint. The Marcy projects rap maven is going to shoot a video for the album's "Song Cry" in Los Angeles on February 28 and March 1 with director Sanna Hamri, according to Def Jam.