J. Lo Steps Back, Enrique Iglesias Leaps Forward On Billboard 200

Escape surges into top 10 as sales climb overall.

For Jennifer Lopez, it was fun while it lasted — Alan Jackson's Drive will reclaim the top spot on next week's Billboard 200 chart.

Jackson's LP sold over 183,000 copies last week to return to #1 next week, according to SoundScan data released Wednesday (February 20). Creed's Weathered also returns to familiar territory, as it will check in at #2 with nearly 144,000 albums sold. Lopez' remix album, J to Tha L-O!, will drop two spots and round out the top three after moving almost 134,000 units in its second week in stores.

The new chart will reflect an overall sales surge, though most artists won't make any significant headway in their chart positions. One person that doesn't apply to, however, is Enrique Iglesias, whose new single, "Escape," will help his album of the same name jump from #21 to #10 after selling almost 82,000 copies last week.

Chris Isaak's Always Got Tonight will debut at #24 after selling over 57,000 albums in its first week. Other debuts include the Pat Metheny Group's Speaking of Now (#101), Australian country singer Kasey Chambers' Barricades & Brickwalls (#104) and folk singer Fernando Ortega's Storm (#197).

The biggest chart-climber by far will be John Williams, who will benefit from Olympics Fever. In just his second week on the charts, Williams, composer of the official theme of the 2002 Winter Games, will jump (triple lutz perhaps?) from #146 to #98. The album, American Journey, moved over 16,000 units last week.

Another impressive move is Frank Sinatra's leap from #75 to #32, thanks to a Valentine's Day sales push behind his Greatest Love Songs.

On a downward course are the Chemical Brothers and Jay-Z. Come With Us will slide back 30 spots in its third week (from #66 to #96), while Jay-Z's MTV Unplugged will fall from #69 to #89.