Alienation Lands Simple Plan On Movie Soundtrack, Warped Tour

Canadian punks' 'I'm Just a Kid' to be featured in big-screen comedy 'The

When you're a teenager and you're feeling lonely and left out, it's good to

have a band around like Simple Plan, who have already survived adolescent

alienation and funneled memories of their frustrations into infectious


"Maybe when the night is dead I'll crawl into my bed, staring at these four

walls again/ I'll try to think about the last time I had a good time,"

Pierre Bouvier sings on the band's hook-filled single "I'm Just a Kid,"

which is starting to heat up at radio and should continue to sizzle while

the band is on tour this spring, first with Sugar Ray and then on the Vans

Warped Tour.

"[Drummer] Chuck [Comeau] and I wrote the song," Bouvier said recently from

his home in Montreal. "It's just about how we felt when we were in high

school, and how when you're having problems you just feel like it's the end

of the world even though you always realize later that those problems

weren't as important as you thought."

"I'm Just a Kid" will be the lead song for the upcoming film "The New Guy,"

which hits theaters May 10 and stars DJ Qualls ("Road Trip") and Eliza

Dushku ("Bring It On"). Simple Plan's debut album, No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls, is due March 26. The title demonstrates that the

bandmembers may have been traumatized by their youths, but they've retained

their sense of humor. The same can be said for the video, which was directed

by Smith N' Borin (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Uncle Kracker) and co-stars Qualls

and Dushku.

"In the video, Eliza and DJ are going out together because in the movie they

hook up," explained Bouvier. "So we're all trying to steal [Eliza], and

every time we try to impress her, we all fail and hurt ourselves. [Bassist]

David [Desrosiers] breaks his back doing a skateboard stunt, Chuck gets

electrocuted and smashes his fingers under the hood of a car, [guitarist]

Jeff [Stinco] tries to beat up some big wrestler and gets body-slammed,

[guitarist] Sebastian [Lefebvre] gets run over by a bus, and I'm screwing

around in front of a security camera and I get hit by a door. In the end, DJ

gets the girl and we all get shafted."

Simple Plan formed two and a half years ago in Montreal, drawing on

influences ranging from Green Day, Blink-182, the Clash and the Ramones to

vintage pop artists like the Beatles, Elvis Costello and the Beach Boys,

which may explain the band's knack for blending melody and aggression.

Initially, Bouvier played bass and sang, but eventually he decided he wanted

to be free to roam the stage, so the band recruited Desrosiers, who also

sings backup vocals.

Since their inception, Simple Plan have toured with Sum 41, Blink-182, New

Found Glory and Good Charlotte. "We totally love playing live," said

Bouvier, who explained that the band's name comes from the film of the same

title. "We think doing what we do is just a simple plan to have a good time

and meet a bunch of people and play great shows."

He paused and concluded, "I know that in the movie the simple plan didn't

turn out so simple. Hopefully things will work out better for us."