Brandy Reveals Secret Marriage To Producer

Singer/actress wed last summer to 'warm, gentle, understanding and focused person.'

After months of speculation, R&B star Brandy disclosed that she has been secretly married since last summer.

On Tuesday (February 5), the singer/actress revealed that she wed producer and songwriter Robert Smith last year.

"I've fallen in love with a very warm, gentle, understanding and focused person," Brandy said in a statement. "This summer we married quietly. A new experience, a new day for me."

Brandy leaked the news to MTV Europe during a recent interview before she went public with her marital status on Tuesday.

While rumors of the singer's romantic life swirled recently, Brandy kept the truth well under wraps. Speaking earlier this year, she would only offer a "maybe" when asked if she had gotten engaged (see "Brandy Comes Full Circle On Full Moon").

Smith's credits include working with Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls.

The announcement comes as Brandy prepares to release Full Moon, her first album in four years, on March 5.

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