'Uh Huh,' Ladies — B2K Are Single

Teen quartet with twisted family tree hitting road with IMX.

They can dance, they can sing, and they have a #1 single with "Uh Huh," but B2K's J-Boog wants everyone to know what's really important: "We're all single and available," he said with a Kool-Aid smile.

"The single, we're just thankful for all the wonderful fans we've got and everybody showing B2K love," added his groupmate Raz-B (so named because of his raspy voice). "It feels so good. It's like a dream come true."

About four years ago, when they were much younger (12 to be exact) J-Boog and Raz-B were in a trio with B2K's sole rapper, Lil' Fizz, before being taken under the wing of IMX's manager, Chris Stokes. Here's where you practically need a diagram to understand the rest of the guys' story: Stokes is Raz-B's cousin, and IMX's Batman is the half-brother of Omarion, the last member to join B2K. Meanwhile, J-Boog is Omarion and Batman's cousin.

When B2K ("Boys of the Millennium") finally formed like Voltron, they spent time in their native Los Angeles practicing vocals and dance routines before auditioning for Sony executives.

"It was a showcase in New York with [CEO of Sony Music] Tommy Mottola and [head of Epic] Polly Anthony last year," Boog said. "We were nervous, shaking. We performed for them, and they were like, 'Let's do it.' Omarion hit 16 back flips — nah. We were just tripping, jumping up and down. The signatures [on the contract], you don't want to see them. We were that nervous. The signatures on the paper look like the Richter scale for the earthquakes."

The squad then politicked its way onto Lil' Bow Wow's tour as openers. "He's a real big prankster," Omarion said. "The whole time on tour was so much fun."

They picked up a few tips from Bow on the set of his video "Ghetto Girls" but admit they were caught a little off guard while filming a clip for "Uh Huh."

"We were there, just chilling," Raz said, "but when you're doing your video, the pressure's on you. You gotta do your thing."

"[You have to remember to] look at the camera," J-Boog said. "We got caught up in dancing. Everybody was singing and dancing and not looking at the camera."

Fortunately, for their next single, "Gots to Be," the guys won't focus on shaking it up as much.

"We had to slow it down for the ladies," Omarion explained. "The song is very interesting — it has to do with relationships and basically how we would want it to be if we were in a relationship. 'I have to be this person. I have to be the one you the one you fight, cry with. I have to be your friend.' It's a real song."

"It's saying so much," Boog added. "[In] a relationship, you're not always going to be happy. You're gonna go through fights to make the relationship stronger. It's not just saying, 'I wanna be the guy to take you out.' I wanna be the guy that makes you mad, the guy who makes you sad and glad."

B2K will launch a tour with IMX starting February 8 in Decatur, Georgia.

"That's the best," Raz-B said of IMX. "That's our big brothers. They pretty much taught us everything. We live together, we play, everything together."

"It's going to be shopping and performing," Boogie added, "and playing PlayStation 2."