P. Diddy And J. Lo Reunited — For Remix Album, At Least

J to Tha L-O! — The Remixes also features G. Dep, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, others.

On his new remix of "I Need a Girl (To Bella)" featuring Usher, P. Diddy rhymes about how he wishes he could reunite with a certain girl who helped him "drive the city wild," and that's exactly what he's done. He's back with Jennifer Lopez.

Diddy not only produced a track for Lopez's new J to Tha L-O! — The Remixes (not be confused with "h to the izzo"), he also drops rhymes. "Damn, you look good," Diddy exclaims as the synthesizer-saturated "Feelin' So Good" starts. Bad Boy artist G. Dep later chimes in with his own verse, boasting that his words go "worldwide like Viacom."

The ballad "Alive," which will also be featured in Lopez's soon-to-be-released drama "Enough," is the only original song on the LP. In the movie, Lopez plays Slim, a victim of domestic violence who retaliates against her husband. In the song, J. Lo sings about not being afraid anymore.

"Time goes slowly now in my life/ Fear no more of what I'm not sure," she sings gingerly. "Searching to fill your soul/ The strength to stand alone/ ... I guess I found my way."

Mixtape freestyle champion 50 Cent burrows from underground to the mainstream with an appearance on "I'm Gonna Be Alright." On the song, produced by the Trackmasters, 50 and Lopez go back and forth over a bassline from Club Nouveau's "Why You Treat Me So Bad" (P. Diddy and the Luniz have also sampled that song).

And although two of her biggest records may have come via the hip-hop remixes of "Ain't It Funny" and "I'm Real," Lopez slips in and out of different genres on the new album. Pablo Flores reworks "Let's Get Loud" with a charged dance beat, and a house interpretation of "Waiting for Tonight" is also included.

Track listing for J to Tha L-O! — The Remixes:

  • "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (RJ Schoolyard Mix featuring Fat Joe)

  • "Ain't It Funny" (Murder Remix featuring Ja Rule and Cadillac Tah)

  • "I'm Gonna Be Alright" (Track Masters Remix featuring 50 Cent)

  • "I'm Real" (Murder Remix featuring Ja Rule)

  • "Walking on Sunshine" (Metro Remix)

  • "If You Had My Love" (Dark Child Master Mix)

  • "Feelin' So Good" (Bad Boy Remix featuring P. Diddy and G. Dep)

  • "Let's Get Loud" (Pablo Flores Remix)

  • "Play" (Sack International Remix)

  • "Waiting for Tonight" (Hex's Momentous Radio Mix)

  • "Alive"

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