Master P, Lil' Romeo To Star In Sitcom Together

Hip-hop mogul also plans '911' theatrical release, book on music industry.

Being a hip-hop mogul, the king of direct-to-video film releases, a basketball coach and a dad just isn't enough to keep Master P busy it seems.

The rapper and his 11-year-old son, Lil' Romeo, will star this spring in the Nickelodeon sitcom "Pieces to the Puzzle." The show is a sort of urban version of "The Partridge Family" in which Master P plays dad and Romeo fronts the group. (MTV's parent company, Viacom, also owns Nickelodeon.)

Master P also has a new film in the works titled "911," which will be his first to receive wide theatrical release. The movie is not yet cast, but the story will revolve around a good kid who turns bad before reforming his violent ways (see "Master P: Souljah On").

"It's about this guy who grew up in the ghetto as the perfect student," he said. "His mom gets raped in the ghetto, and his dad gets killed, and his whole life is instantly changed. He lost the two people in his life that he loved, and he's pickin' up the phone and trying to dial 911, and nobody came to help him. He starts getting on drugs, he takes to the streets, and he just turns into a bad person. And people try to figure out what happened to this guy. Basically what we wanted to do was just show different sides of growing up in the ghetto and why people ... do some of the things they do."

But before he begins work on that project he'll try his hand at writing a book. Don't expect a biographical story of gangbangin' and hip-hop hits, though. P's still-untitled tome will offer entrepreneurial advice on how to succeed in the music business, his publicist said, and it's expected to hit stores this summer.

The rapper's latest record, Gameface, was released December 18 (see "Master P Shows His Game Face, Gives Romeo Time"). It is his label New No Limit's first release since entering into a partnership with Universal Records (see "Master P Finds New Ally For His Soldiers, Readies 10th Solo LP").