Busta, Diddy Shoot Video With Mr. T, Chainsaws And Jamie Foxx

Clip for 'Pass the Courvoisier' also features Rah Digga, Pharrell Williams, Mo'Nique.

Busta Rhymes wasn't lying when he said that pairing him with P. Diddy leads to chaos.

Last week on the set of a video for the remix of their "Pass the Courvoisier" duet, havoc reigned supreme. Guest star Mr. T, replete with a golden dinner plate, fork and spoon hanging off his gold rope chains, accidentally knocked down a cameraman. Meanwhile, Busta almost witnessed his homegirl Rah Digga severing her toes while the two held chainsaws in another scene. (Click here for photos from the video shoot)

"That was something crazy," Rah said. "I actually dropped the chainsaw on my foot. The chainsaw was so heavy, I put it down, and it cut right through my boot. I thought I cut my toe off."

A snippet of Rah's duet with Busta, "Betta Stay up in Your House," appears at the beginning of "Pass the Courvoisier." "We got the ill Wonder Twins effect," Rah said, laughing. "We had some pretty dope outfits that match. I got the cool, sleek jumpsuit version of what he has on. He's wearing the homeboy thug coat and baggy pants."

Other celebs who make cameos include Jamie Foxx, Kym Whitley from BET's "Oh Drama," Mo'Nique of TV's "The Parkers" and half of the track's production team, Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes. Director Chris Robinson (Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg) was at the helm for the entire affair.

"The video is set up where it's a bunch of scenarios that this bottle of Courvoisier somehow sews together," Busta said. "We got a scenario from the 'Rush Hour 2' movie with the Asian masseuse parlor. Then we got a scenario from 'Harlem Nights.' Then we got a scenario from 'Coyote Ugly.' "

In the 'Coyote Ugly' segment, Busta and Diddy take it to the bar, crawling between girls' legs to talk to the camera, dancing on pool tables and grinding on the females.

"We sit down and we BS each other about who's hotter than who, but the camera loves both of us," Busta explained. "We both love the camera. At the end of the day, we're both gonna pull a few tricks out of our bag and see who's gonna shake a leg hotter than the other when it comes to this performance thing. We've got an understanding of how we vibe and that we're pretty much gonna bombshell the whole situation."

"We're a team, let's jump together," Diddy told Busta during a break in shooting at the bar. Destiny's Child's Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, who popped up on the set to show love, looked on from the sidelines with smiles.

"I just love the record," Busta said. "Everybody is bouncing back from September 11, the clubs are starting to get packed again, the party vibe is starting to happen again. I was like, 'Lets take 'em back to the clubs. Have 'em in the streets, winding their windows down again, blaring their systems out of their windows, annoying a couple of neighbors, being the party people we know how to be.' Me and Puff on a record together, it just felt like there wasn't a better situation for the club element, the street element."

As for the title, "Courvoisier was at the right place at the right time," he said. "It could have been 'Pass the Heineken,' 'Pass the six-pack of Miller.' It didn't matter what brand of liquor. It just felt good."

On the remix, the Neptunes bring their usual space funk, with Williams singing like James Brown on the hook. Like the original, Bus and Diddy go back and forth every few lines, they just deliver their rhymes a bit more laid-back. That is, except when Busta yells for everybody to jump when the song first starts. The video should debut in the next few weeks.