Brandy Stands On Hill Of Men, Rocks Low Rider In New Video

Clip for 'What About Us?,' first single from her third LP, to debut Thursday (January 10).

They say that some of these pop divas will step on anybody to get to the top, and Brandy shows that the stereotype holds true in her new video for "What About Us?," the first clip from her third LP, Full Moon.

Shot November 29 and 30 by director Dave Meyers, the clip opens with Brandy standing on a small hilltop putting mementos from her failed relationship into a chest. The singer isn't standing on any ordinary hill, though: The camera zooms out and we see that beneath the ground Brandy stands on, hundreds of agonizing men, down on all fours, are stacked on top of each other, providing the foundation. From there, Brandy goes into a tunnel and smashes (with a metal baseball bat) any other reminders of her Mr. Wrong (see "Brandy Roars Back At Mr. Wrong On 'What About Us?' ")

For the clip, Brandy gets a little edgier with her wardrobe, wearing outfits that call to mind Aaliyah meets "The Matrix" meets Catherine Deane from "The Cell" — you can't exactly wear baggy jeans or jelly sandals when you have two chained-up, body- painted men laying at your feet as she does in the video.

Keeping in tune with her West Coast upbringing, Brandy sheds the futuristic motif just long enough to hit switches in a low rider while her little bro Ray does his best tough-guy smirk for the camera.

"What About Us?" debuted Thursday on MTV's "Making the Video." Full Moon will hit stores March 5.